Provided several pieces for the new NEXUS: Arena Combat System Legacy Edition Rulebook by D-Verse Publishing. NEXUS is a miniature based, brutal and irreverent story-driven arena combat game.

ARGENTINE SUPERNATURAL BEINGS is a graphic novel and art book with my interpretations of the most terrifying beings in Argentine folklore.
Written and illustrated by Dave Youkovich. COMING SOON!

“DRAGON, BLEED!”, Provided the art for the upcoming game by GILGAMESH GAMES. A fantasy deck-building card game featuring Vampire Knights, Human Sorcerers, and of course, a great many winged beasts. Coming to Kickstarter in 2022.

Client: Gilgamesh Games

SNAKE EYES: G.I. JOE ORIGINS, Provided the art for the short film MORNING LIGHT: A WEAPON WITH STORIES TO TELL, included in the Blu Ray release.

Clients: Paramount /ACE

THE CAVE , 200 pages graphic novel written by Yaron Regev and illustrated by Dave Youkovich. A man wakes up in a cave, naked, chained, with no memory. All he has to hold on to is his name − “Plato”, and a painful memory from which he tries to escape. He finds himself in a new world, where the fine line between internal and external reality is almost erased. Coming out in 2022.

Client: Mad Hatter Comics

M.A.G.D.A. THE CARD GAME: Travel the Universe in this Solo-Play Card Game inspired by 80’s sci-fi thrillers. Successfully kickstarted by 532% of goal. I’ve provided Illustrations for the main cards and the box art.

THE 10 STAGES OF GENOCIDE: A series of 10 comics created for the DALLAS HOLOCAUST AND HUMAN RIGHTS MUSEUM focusing on several holocausts through history. Available online. I’ve contributed with sequential art for three issues that were scripted by Jordan B. Gorfinkel and Paul Kupperberg.
Client: ACE / BJA

H.P. LOVECRAFT’S “THE CATS OF ULTHAR” CARD GAME: Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, use ancient mysticism to collect cats around your spell caster and take out the villains. Successfully kickstarted by 551% of goal. Provided all illustrations for cards and box art.

GHOSTS OF LOVE AND COUNTRY is a graphic novel written by Yaron Regev, illustrated by Dave Youkovich, and designed by Tal Solomon Vardy, that includes 14 streams of consciousness textual and visual adaptations of chamber music pieces.
Client: Mad Hatter Comics

EVIL DEAD: Created comic covers and diverse illustrations for the line of comics of the EVIL DEAD franchise.
Client: Studiocanal / SPG

Dave Youkovich started on the Fanzine scene in Argentina at age 14 making mini horror comics and writing about Death Metal bands that no one ever heard of. This led him to publish his first professional works by the age of 16 in local magazines and to the creation of a pioneer digital magazine on 1997: MAKABRA. This featured comics, art and music articles and it lasted for several years. by the age of 20 he co-created and directed the first webcartoon for latin america and spent several years in the field of animation and information technologies until one day when he made the decision to return to his real love: Comics.

For over 15 years Dave Youkovich has worked as a freelance illustrator and comic book artist for clients in the United States, Spain, Italy, France and many digital venues.

Always searching to improve his art and storytelling, he balances the commercial side of his career, with many experimental and unconventional projects with other artists, writers, sculptors and musicians.